Know Our Stories: Begging God Not to be Gay

Do you know LGBTQ+ experiences growing up in church? And what is the Christian response?

This quote is from a 25 year old gay man. From an early age, he loved God and the church, and wanted to serve people. And yet, it was a constant worry he was not doing enough to be right with God.

When he began to recognize he might be gay, it added to his fear. His church had a policy that people in same-sex relationships could not be members, and that all LGBTQ+ people could not volunteer to work with kids or teenagers.

He heard that God would fix and heal him if he faithfully served. So he tried harder.

In his prayers, he begged God to not be gay. He went to therapy. He felt he was a mistake. It made him question the point in living.

Eventually, he started hearing from God himself. He now believes God loves him for who he is, and that includes being gay.

And while he attends church, he still hears the condemning messages. He feels like he’s not wanted there, and will eventually be pushed out.

Such are the stories of LGBTQ+ people growing up in church. To rethink the Christian response and responsibility, visit

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