Making Things Right • The Podcast

While my white paper lays out the blueprint for healing and reconciliation, my podcast series brings it to life through real conversations. In this series, friends and thought-leaders representing varied perspectives gather with common purpose: to share and listen, to find empathy, and to serve the LGBTQ+ community. These conversations will provide insights and ideas to help you find your place at the table and your unique role in making things right.

Episode #1
Making Things Right with the LGBTQ+ Community
Guest: BT Harman
Episode #2
Brian's Story
Guest: Sara Renner
Episode #3
Letting LGBTQ+ Experiences Impact You
Guests: Matt Nightingale, Jana Warner, Caleb Hudson
Episode #4
Navigating Turning Points in Life and Faith
Guests: Greg & Lynn McDonald, Staci Frenes
Episode #5
An Invitation To Re-examine
Guest: Dr. David Gushee
Episode #6
Different Perspectives With a Common Cause
Guests: Jennifer Knapp, Keith Malon Wilson, Debbie Causey, Ory Cook
Episode #7
Different Perspectives With a Common Cause
Guests: Alan Chambers, Sandi Harman Waldrop, Justin Lee

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