Know Our Stories: Choose Empathy

The quote above was from a 58 year old gay man who shared his story with me. As a boy he loved going to church, and his Mom modeled Jesus.

Yet in school, the bullying was relentless. He did not understand why they called him “fag”, and even went to the library to learn what that meant.

Thus began his turmoil with Jesus, and hearing messages like this at his Aunt’s church.

His innocence needed a better message.

This boy would grow up to spend years in “ex-gay” therapy, and a failed marriage to a woman.

And somehow he kept his faith, giving much credit to his Mom’s example. In this respect, his story is the exception.

He is one of hundreds of LGBTQ+ people who have entrusted their stories to me, which is the foundation of my work.

Empathy is the key to healing, paradigm shifts, and positive change.

Know our stories.

Share our stories.

And watch what happens.

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