The Church As It Could Be

I presented to ~200 parents, LGBTQ+ folks, and church staff at Parent Connect, a vital ministry in Atlanta helping parents love their LGBTQ+ kids well.

⁠First, I shared my story and struggle to find peace with God as a gay man, and my long, full-circle experience with my parents.

Then my good friend Caleb @calcalhudson shared his story. He bravely brought some edges and urgency, as he walked through big disappointments with his parents, and more so with the Christian Church.⁠

⁠The response was overwhelmingly positive. I loved watching people mob Caleb afterwards with hugs and encouragement, instinctively being “the Church” as it could be.⁠

⁠So what LGBTQ+ person in your life comes to mind? ⁠Did they grow up in church? Were their experiences hurtful? Odds are yes.

Do they trust you? If yes, ask if they’ll let you into more of their story.⁠ You may be surprised how you’ll relate and re-think some things, and just maybe, you could play a small part in their healing.

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